New Items!

Cylinder heads Aluminum UL ULH 1937-48 used
6,800 SEK
Rear brake drum & plate Harley Model K Sportster used original
750 SEK
Early Indian Hedstrom Rear Swingarm used original
7,900 SEK
Base plate Instrument panel Original Harley 1939-46 all models OEM Ref no: 70950-39 & 4505-39 used original
1,650 SEK
Harley Model K Sportster Generator 52K not tested used original
750 SEK
Shims Clutch Basket Indian Chief & Scout 1920-up. .005" OEM Ref nr: 17A363 New reproduction. Sold each
25 SEK
Wheel Hub Harley VL 1930-36, good condition. used original
1,850 SEK
Hub parts lot Harley VL 1930-36, used original
750 SEK
Front & Rear Fender Harley 1930-33 D DL R RL & 1930-34 C single Some nice original paint still left Used original OEM Ref no: 3702-30 & 3710-30
Indian Powerplus Engine 1919, 61" Matching number case halfs Loosley assembled engine, crank inside but missing pistons. Fitted with new valve lifter levers and lever studs Both cylinders measure approx 79,35mm Missing cam cover Cylinders…
Head Bolt Washers Indian 1925-Up, 3/8" x 3/4" x 1/8" OEM Ref nr: D24250 New reproduction. Sold in set of 18
235 SEK
Screw Shifter Fork Shaft Indian Scout & Chief 1920-53. OEM Ref: 20B30 New reproduction.
195 SEK
Transmission Sprocket Spacing Collar J JD 1925-36 New reproduction. Reference number: 2339-25
375 SEK
Transmission Sprocket Spacing Collar J JD 1917-24 New reproduction. Reference number: 2339-17
375 SEK
Handpump Harley J JD W 1915-24 PART NO: 3555-15
1,050 SEK
Low Model Handlebar Horn Switch Button, ni-plated housing .Harley 1926-71 OEM Ref: 4760-26
325 SEK


Quality Testing

Model 8A 1912