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We are a company based in Sweden, we manufacture and distribute parts for early American made motorcycles worldwide.

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New Items!

Rim 18" Front with Brake in Hub 1930-39 OEM Ref no: 43002-35 new reproduction
1,995 SEK
Rim KHW 18" front/rear bare 1930-39 OEM Ref no: 43004-35 new reproduction
1,995 SEK
Rim 19" front/rear KHW , 40 Hole Bare. OEM Ref no: 3940-30 new reproduction
1,734 SEK
Head Light Harley 1920-28. OEM Ref: 4901-20 new reproduction
6,500 SEK
Castel Nut 7/16"-20 9/16" Hex. Nickel plated. OEM: 0138 Sold each
52.50 SEK
Studs Front fork rocker Excelsior 1915-19, STD or Oversize. Threads 7/16-20 STD OD: 1/2" OS OD: .512" OEM part no: XG2569 New reproduction. Sold in pairs
1,120 SEK
Clevis bolt kit Front fork Excelsior 1916-19 OEM part no: XG2583 & XG2572 New reproduction. Kit
1,070.50 SEK
Gasoline Drain Valve Excelsior 1909-14 OEM Ref: C2795 New reproduction.
2,100 SEK
Oil Valve Sight Glass Holder Excelsior 1909-14 OEM Ref: C2729 New reproduction.
1,050 SEK
Oil Handpump Complete Excelsior 1913-14 OEM Ref: C2750 New reproduction.
5,682.50 SEK
U-Bolt Jiffy Stand & Coil Harley VL & 45" 1930-52 Ref Part No: 50110-30 1723-30
175 SEK
Kick Start Spring Harley Modell W Sport 1919-23. OEM Ref: WGK62 new reproduction
580 SEK
Rear brake drum Harley Model W Sport 1919-21. No plating. OEM part no: WGK506 New reproduction.
2,650 SEK
Valve Cover Kit Harley VL 1930-36, complete set with seals. Cad. New reproduction.
2,625 SEK
Tripper Bolt Kit Kick Starter Harley 45" 1941-73 OEM Ref: 33456-26 33458-41 New reproduction.
325 SEK
Stainless steel Slotted Fillister head standard Screws & Nuts, Choose sizes in drop down list, all sold each 4-40, 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 10-32, 12-24


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