New Items!

Head Adjusting Cone Nut Indian Hedstrom & Powerplus 1910-16. - New reproduction - Dull nickel plating OEM refno: E15030
675 SEK
Upper Head Adjusting Cone Indian Hedstrom & PP 1910-17 - New reproduction - Nickel plating OEM ref no: E15020
1,300 SEK
Lower Head Cup Indian Hedstrom 1913-15. - New reproduction - Nickel plating OEM ref no: E15010
975 SEK
Lower Bowl Gasket Schebler HX Small Body ID= 14 mm OD=18 mm Sold Each
19 SEK
Upper Valve Cover Spacer Indian Scout 1920-24. No plating. Ref no: S476 New reproduction. Sold Each!
198 SEK
Upper Vented Valve Cover Indian Powerplus 1916-19. No plating. Ref no: N470 New reproduction. Sold Each!
450 SEK
Intermediate Gearshaft Scout 1920-27 OEM Ref: S2405 New reproduction.
1,975 SEK
Inner Tube for tires, Standard tube All have TR4 center valve unless something else is specified.
Tail Light Indian 1925-26 New reproduction part.
3,550 SEK
Exhaust system Indian Scout 101 1928-30. Usually needs adjustment to fit. New reproduction
8,750 SEK
Head Gaskets Blue Teflon EL FL 1936-47 (pair) OEM Ref: 16770-36 New reproduction. One Pair
225 SEK
Gasket Rockercover Rear Intake EL FL 1936-47 OEM Ref: 17537-38 New reproduction. Sold each
30 SEK
Gasket Rockercover Front intake & Rear Exhaust EL FL 1936-47 OEM Ref: 17535-38 New reproduction. Sold each
30 SEK
Oil Seal Rockershaft Harley EL FL 1936-47 (4) OEM Ref: 17475-38B New reproduction. Set of 4
325 SEK
Valve Springs & Collar Kit Harley EL FL 1936-47 Includes springs, collars & keepers New reproduction.
1,175 SEK
U-Bolt Kit Saftyguard VL 1930-36 & 45" 1932-73. OEM Partno: 49061-32 New reproduction.
425 SEK


Quality Testing

Model 8A 1912