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New Items!

Crankpin Harley 1913 Single OD .9375" Overall length: 2.946"
1,250 SEK
Handbrake Cable Indian 741 heavy duty. Lacquered double braided outer and steel inner cable, 1 Cad Plated ferrule included. OEM Ref: 276010 New reproduction.
1,850 SEK
Rear chain guard Harley Single & 45" 1926-34. OEM part no: 3818-26 New reproduction.
1,975 SEK
THIS ARTICLE IS ONLY FOR SALE WITHIN EU Tank Cure Epoxi remover. Used to remove 2 component epoxi Tank Cure sealant from your tank.
350 SEK
Front Spring Suport Rubber Excelsior 1915-19
975 SEK
Rear Spring Rubbers Hedstrom & Powerplus 1913-23. Sold in pairs
1,500 SEK
Front Spring Suport Rubber Powerplus 1918-23
850 SEK
Stud Brake Shackle (type1) 1936-48 UL EL FL OEM Ref: 44226-36
650 SEK
Brake Arm Clamp Bolt B BA 1929-34 & C DL 1929-31 OEM Ref: 4073-29A New reproduction.
84 SEK
Crank Case Bolt DL & RL 1929-36. Park OEM Ref: 443-29 Sold each
202.50 SEK
Regulator 6V 2-Brush HD 1926-Up. This regulator is designed for use only with early generators (3-brush) converted to 2-brush. Wrong wiring will damage the unit. Comes with installation guide.
1,850 SEK
This insulator spacer is for a 3-bolt, 1-3/8" throat diameter Linkert carburetor to manifold. No gasket is required with the use of this spacer. Plastic replica of the original. No…
300 SEK
Brake shackle stud kit Harley All Models 1940-48
425 SEK
Front fork stem cap Harley 1923-29 OEM Ref: 2651-23 New reproduction.
125 SEK
Locknut for tappet Screw Harley Sport Modell W 1919-23. OEM Ref: WGA 263 new reproduction Sold each
112.50 SEK
Tappet Screw Harley Sport Modell W 1919-23. OEM Ref: WGA 262 new reproduction Sold each
375 SEK


Quality Testing

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