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New Items!

Washers for Head Bolts Harley WL WLA 1937-73. Cad Set of 16 Washers
425 SEK
Head Bolts WL WLA 1937-73 for aluminum heads. Cad Set of 16 Bolts
1,037.50 SEK
Roller Retainers Sprocket Side Harley 45" 1929-73 OEM reference number: 24720-29 NOS Sold in pairs
525 SEK
Motor Sprocket 17T Harley J JD 1915-29. For use with 530 chain. Heat treated. OEM part no: 2026-15. New reproduction.
654 SEK
Screw 2-56 x 3/4" Torx with washer Can be used as replacement for OEM screw #4558-26 for securing the switch handles on Harley dash board 1926-36 however it's longer then the…
50 SEK
Schebler DLX60 carburetor body The threads for the IDLE needle is destroyed and needs to be repaired. Used Original
1,775 SEK
Corbin speedometer drive gear 27T New reproduction
540 SEK
Light Assembly for Corbin Speedometer New reproduction The speedometer in picture is only for reference and is not included
2,150 SEK
Footrest rubbers Indian Prince 1925-26 New reproduction Sold in pairs OEM Ref no: 25B45
840 SEK
Lockrings Piston Pin Harley 1932-Up OEM Ref : 22581-32 280-32 New reproduction. Sold in Pairs
93.75 SEK
Bushing set Inner Camshaft Harley 45" 1937-73 (4) Ref Number 25601-37A New reproduction. Set of 4
550 SEK
Pinion Gear Harley 45" 1937-73 OEM: 24011-37
600 SEK
Roller Retainers Pinion Side Harley 45" 1937-73 OEM reference number: 24645-37 NOS Sold in set with two retainers.
362.50 SEK
Front Hub & Brake Shell Harley 1928-29 45" & Singles & also fits 1930-34 21" Singles 6" brake Used Original OEM Ref no: 3110-28A
2,500 SEK
Intake Tappet guides Harley J JD 1917-29 61" 74" Threads are ok Used original OEM Ref no: 150-17 & FA729
450 SEK
Valve parts lot Harley J JD, has wear, Used original.
520 SEK


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