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We have finally finished the relocation, we will double our effort to get ahead after this hold up.

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New Items!

Gasket kit for Indian Powerplus 1920-24. New reproduction.
695 SEK
Rear Hub with brake and sprocket 1926-30 Singles & 1929 45" twin (#130). Ball race in hub on sprocket side is ok but ball race on brake side has pitting. The…
9,800 SEK
Intake Manifold with nuts and cones Indian Scout 45" 1927-31 (#129), has some pitting but still good. Used original OEM Ref no: 27B144
2,200 SEK
Intake Manifold Harley JD/JDH 74" (1200cc) 1925-29 & JDCA/JDCB 1923-24 (#127), Used original OEM Ref no: 1107-23
2,650 SEK
Intake Manifold Harley D DL 45" 1929-31 (#126), used original OEM Ref no: 1107-29
1,500 SEK
Intake Manifold Harley J 61" (1000cc) 1917-23 (#125), used original OEM Ref no: 1106-15 & FA788C
1,850 SEK
Springs Front & Rear Stand Harley 1924-35 (Cad plated) Sold in pairs
76 SEK
Intake Housing Kit for Harley 1923-24 DCA&DCB and all 1925-29 JD FD. Complete with Valves, Springs, Collars and Keepers, ready to install. OD: 2 3/8" New reproduction. One Pair
7,050 SEK
Nut Pinion Gear Harley Single 1926-34 OEM refnr: 607-26 Sold each
300 SEK
Drain Plug Kit Transmission BT 1936-86 OEM Ref: 707 New reproduction.
110 SEK
Pin for Roller in Handlebar Sleeve 1910-46 OEM Ref: 305-15 9281 Sold each
20 SEK
Brake Plate Clamp Indian Powerplus 1916-23 OEM Ref: 16B64 N4072 New reproduction.
480 SEK
Generator end cover Harley 1930-31 Twins. Ref No: 1696-30
1,500 SEK
Oil Filter System Indian Chief 1939-53. Complete set.
3,595 SEK
Rear Sprocket Indian 741 & Spt Scout 36T New reproduction.
2,250 SEK
Complete Bowl Housing Linkert style 1924-Up, alloy finish. Without drain screw. Can also be used on DLX carbs. OEM Ref: 1267-24
1,875 SEK


Quality Testing

Model 8A 1912