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We are a company based in Sweden, we manufacture and distribute parts for early American made motorcycles worldwide.

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New Items!

Gaskets Set (2) Lower Oilpump Indian 1938-Up, with cast iron oilpump. OEM Ref: 41355 003" thick …
100 SEK
Felt Seal distributor, all Indian 1936-Up OEM Ref: 50183 New reproduction.
30 SEK
Lead Washer 1/2" Indian 1938-Up. Fits: Junior Scout, Sport Scout, 741, Chief. OEM Ref: 37523 New reproduction.
37.50 SEK
Washers kit 7/16" Lead & Copper Indian 1938-Up. Fits: Junior Scout, Sport Scout, 741, Chief. OEM Ref: 37569 New reproduction.
97.50 SEK
Washers kit 1/2'' Lead & Copper Indian 1938-Up. Fits: Sport Scout, 741, Chief. OEM Ref: 937003 New reproduction.
87.50 SEK
Gasket Oilpump Indian Chief 1938-Up, with aluminum oil pump. OEM Ref: 453005 New reproduction.
50 SEK
Piston Pin Bushings Harley 45" 1931-36 OEM reference number: 293-31 New reproduction. Sold in pairs
345 SEK
Clutch Release Worm Nut Indian 1920-up OEM Ref nr: 20B50 New reproduction. Sold each
200 SEK
Felt Seal Locknut Drive Side Transmission 1916-Up. All Indian. OEM Ref: 41374 New reproduction.
40 SEK
Gasket Oilpump Indian Chief Scout 1938-Up OEM Ref: 41374 Fits: 741 Sport Scout Chief New reproduction.
40 SEK
Spark Plug Terminals Sold in Pairs
240 SEK
Screw 10-24 x 3/8" Round head. Cad OEM: 2669 Sold each
7.50 SEK
Front fender stand catch Harley 1918-29. OEM Ref: 3006-25 new reproduction
275 SEK
Bushing Cam in Crankcase Scout 1928-Up, two needed. Fits: 101 741 Sport Scout Junior Scout OEM: 27B20 New reproduction. Sold each
225 SEK
Bushing Valvlifters Shaft in Cover Chief 1922-53 OEM: 22B14 New reproduction. Sold each
200 SEK
Bushing Cam in Crankcase Chief 1933-53 STD OEM: 40455 New reproduction. Sold each
250 SEK


Quality Testing

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