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We at Antiquebike are following the COVID-19 Epidemic closely and we are taking all the precautions to prevent the further spread of this Epidemic. We are a small family business located on the country side of a town with only a couple of thousand inhabitants, so we have been practicing social distancing on a day to day basis for years.

We are 3 people working here and we are all in good health. We keep clean routines when it comes to the handling, packaging and shipping of your orders.

When it comes to more practical information for you as a customer, we want you to know the following:

-       Shipping time: when a package leaves our shop it’s in the hands of the shipping company, they are working as hard as they can but things don’t run as smoothly now as before.

-       Supply Chain: We keep a well stock shelf but there are delays with some of our suppliers and that might affect a few articles.

We take this day by day and we will keep you updated as we go along, but for now its business as usual. Stay inside you work shops and keep those hands oiled up.


Indian Powerplus Motor 1919, 61" Vevparti med kolvar sitter i, motor går runt fint. Främre cylinder reparerad i foten och avgas port. Avgasport på bakre cylinder sönderslagen.
Batterilåda till Harley 1918-24. Nytillverkad.
1 350 SEK
Fäste till verktygslåda Harley J JD 1925-29 OEM Ref no: 3468-25
240 SEK
Dixie Magnetfot i aluminium. Finns för Modell H , M2 och Areo
2 295 SEK
Lyftarskruv och muttrar Harley J JD 1915-29 kit med 2 st skruvar och 2 st muttrar ny reproduktion
198 SEK
Fjäder Bakstöd Indian Ny reproduktion. Säljes Parvis
412 SEK
Tändspole 6V Harley DL RL VL EL UL FL 1930-48 Ref No: 31602-30
956 SEK
Komplett Kopplings Sats med Lameller, stålskivor och fjädrar till följande Indian modeller: Scout 101 1928-31 STD Scout Spt Scout 741 Chief 1922-53 Ny reproduktion.
2 406 SEK
Fjädrar Bak & Framstöd Harley 1924-35 Säljes i Par
76 SEK
Ventilknaster Indian Spt Scout 1936-42 och Scout 45" Används till våra Scout 45" 101 Ventiler E97-1332 & E97-1330. Ny reproduktion. Replace OEM: 42233 Sats om 8 st
348 SEK
Bussning Maindrive Gear Indian 101 Scout Säljes Styckvis
498 SEK
Bussningar Countershaft Drev Indian 101 Scout Säljes Parvis
831 SEK
Axial Bricka Mainshaft Indian Scout & Chief & 741 Ny reproduktion. Säljes Styckvis
108 SEK
Lockwasher 3/8" Park OEM: 0261 Sold each
Lockwasher 5/16" Park OEM: 0259 Sold each
2,50 SEK



Model 8A 1912