Update due to Pandemic and Norwegian VOEC Law

 Day to Day Business with ongoing Pandemic:

We at Antiquebike are following the COVID-19 Epidemic closely and we are taking all the precautions to prevent the further spread of this Epidemic. We keep clean routines when it comes to the handling, packaging and shipping of your orders.
This Pandemic also affects our business, we have had an increase in Webshop orders and emails and we try to handle all your orders as fast as possible and also respond to all your email questions.

When it comes to more practical information for you as a customer, we want you to know the following:

-       Shipping time: when a package leaves our shop it’s in the hands of the shipping company, they are working as hard as they can but things don’t run as smoothly now as before.

-       Supply Chain: We keep a well stock shelf but there are delays with some of our suppliers and that might affect a few articles.

We take this day by day and we will keep you updated as we go along, but for now it’s business as usual. Stay inside you work shops and keep those hands oiled up.

Norwegian VOEC Law

We are very sorry to the situation that has occurred for our Norwegian customers as Norway has passed a new bill (VOEC) that's taken effect from 1 April 2020.
We had to temporary end all Business to Customer (B2C) sales to Norway from our Webshop.
This because we don’t have the necessary software solutions installed in our checkout system to handle VOEC.
Our goal is to have a software solution to handle VOEC installed in our web shop as soon as possible

Sales from EBay is not affected by this, as EBay has implemented VOEC in there checkout system.
So it is still possible to buy some of our products thru EBay as Norwegian Consumer.

This VOEC bill does not apply to Business to Business (B2B) sales, so if you place orders from Norwegian Company it's business as usual.

If you as a customer need more information about this please don’t hesitate to contact us on order.abp@telia.com

Best Regards, Antiquebike AB Sweden


Bottenlänks axel sats gaffel Harley Passar Singel modeller 1926-29 Singel 21" 1930-34 1929 45" Blank förnicklade axlar, muttrar och brickor parkade. ny reproduktion
1 095 SEK
Vevhus Ventilations Disc med hål Indian 1928-upp Ny reproduktion. Styck
58 SEK
Kil till Pinion register drev Harley 1911-29 1/8" x 1/8" x 3/8" OEM ref nr: 605-11
26 SEK
Kil till 3-växlad & 4-växlad kick starter clutch gear Harley Big Twin 1916-84
26 SEK
Till Höger och vänster ramtapp i svänghjul 1915-84 BigTwin Motordrev 1912-54 BigTwin
26 SEK
Kil Kopplingscentrum Mainshaft Harley Big Twin 1915-84
26 SEK
Bakre Ljuddämparefäste Indian Powerplus 1916-23 Twins(spring frame), 1921-23 Singel modeller OEM Ref no: 16B61 / N728
465 SEK
Bakre Ljuddämparefäste Indian Powerplus 1918-19 OEM Ref no: 18B10 / N728K
465 SEK
Främre Ljuddämparefäste Indian Powerplus 1918-19 OEM Ref no: 18B9 / N708K
520 SEK
Distans Vänster Ramlager 1925-36 J JD VL ligger mellan rullhållarna i vänster ramlager Harley 1925-36 J JD VL OEM ref no: 425-25 / NA949
360 SEK
Bakre fäste batterilåda Harley J JD 1917-23 OEM Ref no: 4415-17 / FJ46
425 SEK
Lyftar Armar Indian Scout 1920-upp Ny reproduktion. Sats
6 498 SEK
Urtrampnings Lager Harley 45" 1941-73 OEM: 37287-41 Ny reproduktion. Säljes styck
60 SEK
Vevhus Ventilations Disc utan hål Indian 1928-upp Ny reproduktion. Styck
58 SEK
Cylinder Fots Pinbult Chief 1936-53 1.850" ( extra långa) OEM Ref nr: 40056-A Ny reproduktion. Säljes i sett av 4 st!
290 SEK
Ramlager Bussning Vänster Indian Sport Scout 1936-42 & 741 1941-44 OEM: 40872 Ny reproduktion.
1 080 SEK



Model 8A 1912