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We will attend 2022 Veterama in Mannheim

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Welcome to Antiquebike AB

We are a company based in Sweden, we manufacture and distribute parts for early American made motorcycles worldwide.

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Prices shown includes 25% Swedish VAT (Sales tax).

Export customers placing orders for shipping outside EU will receive a deduction of this sales tax when checking out the order.

Customers placing orders for shipping to any other EU country will pay their respective countries percentage rate of VAT (Sales Tax) when checking out their order

Note! This only applies to NEW parts and not used parts

New Items!

This is an extremely rare opportunity to buy this Henderson 2-speed rear hub for 1915-16 Still has some original nickel plating left and seems to be in rather good condition. See…
Case half L/S Harley 1928 BA 350cc OHV Peashooter, has a small crack at the oil drain hole (see picture), besides that it's in good condition. used original
6,500 SEK
Generator & Ignition Unit Harley J JD JDH 1929 used original
19,500 SEK
3-speed Transmission for Thor, gears are working so it apears to be complete inside however it has not been pulled apart so cannot comment on condition of gears, one ear…
35,000 SEK
Distributor for Harley 1918-early20 with Remy generator. Distributor cap has a crack, see picture.
8,000 SEK
Oil tank for Thor. used original
15,000 SEK
Ignition Switch & Fuse box Harley J 1918-first20 This is a extremely rare original ignition switch & fuse box used for electrical model Harley J 1918-first20 the switch turns and appears to…
35,000 SEK
Oil Handpump Excelsior / Super X, good condition. used original
2,800 SEK
Foot Board Excelsior 1916-24, new made reproductions from old stock. Only have this set.
2,200 SEK
Front Hub Excelsior 1916-24, no internals.
2,200 SEK
Intake Manifold Excelsior 1916-24, used original. Has wear.
2,400 SEK
Gas Tank Excelsior 1920-24, OEM tank in very good condition. Rebuilt, but needs to be assembled. Complete with inside oil compartment. used original
19,800 SEK
L/S Engine Case half Harley JDCA 1924 (large cylinder base), has cracks at front and rear engine mounts. used original
3,600 SEK
Generator Mounting Plate Harley Sport Model W, has old repairs. used original
1,200 SEK
Berling Magneto E21, fits Excelsior.
4,850 SEK
Bosch Magneto BA2ED-18 Parts Lot, fits Harley Model W Sport. Used original
1,200 SEK


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