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We are a company based in Sweden, we manufacture and distribute parts for early American made motorcycles worldwide.

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New Items!

Toolbox for Harley VL 1931-34, including 2 keys. New reproduction. Oem Ref: 3452-31
1,875 SEK
Plunger Spring shifter Fork Harley J JD VL 1915-36. OEM REF: 2253-15
235 SEK
Rear hub axle sleeve Harley VL 1932-36, includes nut. OEM Ref no: 3959-32 new reproduction
1,390 SEK
Rear hub axle sleeve Harley VL 1930-31, includes nut. OEM Ref no: 3959-30 new reproduction
1,390 SEK
Front Hub Rebuild Kit Harley J JD 1920-27
2,580 SEK
Rear Hub Thrust Washer Harley J JD 1923-29. OEM Ref: 3981-23 Sold each
450 SEK
Rear Hub Thrust Collar Left Side Harley J JD 1923-29. Has NO threads inside. OEM Ref: 3969-23
550 SEK
Rear Hub Thrust Collar R/S Harley J JD 1923-29. Has threads inside. OEM Ref: 3965-23
575 SEK
Oiltank Right side Harley 45" WL G 1947-up (right hand shift), very good condition. Used Original
3,900 SEK
Gastank Left side Harley 45" WL G 1941-46 OEM Ref: 3502-41B Used Original
3,900 SEK
Side Car Tie Rod Ball Joint Nut & Locknut Harley 1924-84.
675 SEK
Lower Front Mount Tie Rod Ball Joint Harley 1924-84
425 SEK
Primary Cover Screw Kit BT 1936-49. Cad. New reproduction.
300 SEK
Front Brake Grease Fitting extension 1929-52 1929-34 Single 1929-52 45" new reproduction
179 SEK
Top Motor Mount Kit Harley VL & 45". Cad. New reproduction. VL 1930-36 45" 1932-73
165 SEK
Lower Motor Mount Kit VL 1930-36 & 45" 1929-57 Cad. New reproduction.
475 SEK


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